It has been a long winter here in Calgary… lots of lingering snow, recent snow and below average temperatures. The trees and plants are showing little sign of rebirth, though there are small signs that nature is waking up if you take the time to look.

On a personal note my business partner and I recently received recent news of deaths in our extended families. Families and friends are gathering from far and wide to pay their respects and show support for the living.

My uncle ran a small business doing survey work out near Brooks for the oil and gas companies, etc. He worked hard, but he also learned to enjoy the rewards of his labours. He was fortunate to have his sons and family close to him.

Growing up, our relatives were spread out across pretty much all of Canada. My father was in the military so we moved every 3-4 years as well. So I never really got to know my parents' siblings or our cousins that well.

It is still that way now. My sister stayed in Nova Scotia, (when the rest of us moved away) got married and had kids. Recently my parents decided to join them there.

My sister is getting remarried and her two wonderful girls will be joined by her fiancé and his two children, making for a fairly large family by today's standards. Deborah and I will be attending the wedding and getting reacquainted with our nieces and meeting the other two children and her future husband.

In the contrast of sorrow we learn to appreciate joy.

It takes winter to show us the beauty of spring. No matter how long winter is, spring is always on its way.

Life, wealth and possessions are fickle… make sure you always find time to enjoy spring, no matter how busy life gets with the other things.