Sunwapta Solutions has been in business almost 9 years. Just like any budding or experienced entrepreneur, you do some things right and make some mistakes along the way.

Over the past couple of years we have been really revisiting what makes a business successful. You can read some of my archive collection for what I have learned and shared to date.

More recently we’ve launched a number of initiatives and are in the process of forming or solidifying what I hope are lasting and successful partnerships. The ink isn’t dry yet on the arrangements but I am very excited by the potential. I think we are choosing good partners that we can trust and just as importantly, we will look out for them too.

Our consulting business is gaining traction as well with our increased focus on sales and building long-term relationships with existing and new clients.

We’ve got a really strong and ethical core-team with which to build on.

We are looking at hiring (many) more developers in the coming months as these ventures move forward.

My biggest challenge right now is that there is not enough time in the day and I am heavily involved in the start-up phases of these initiatives. Once things are moving we have the talent and will hire the talent to keep things moving, but my thing is creating.

The only solution is to focus on one thing… sprint and get it done… rest and repeat.

Oh yeah… and have fun doing it.

And yes, I won’t forget family and life balance along the way (thanks Stuart for the reminder).