It's easy to become complacent (take things for granted) and not notice remarkable things happening around you all the time. I was recently observing the behaviours of my team members and didn't really notice anything special. It took outsiders to really bring home the significance of their work.

If someone does a really great job on something, above and beyond what you were expecting, you are likely to notice and think "Wow, that was remarkable!".

If that person does a great job on a regular basis, above and beyond the average, you have a tendency to starting thinking that this is normal behaviour. In fact the person has raised the bar on what is considered average (at least for you). Your brain stops noticing things that are routine. It's even more challenging if your entire team has raised the bar of normal.

Sometimes it takes someone outside to notice how remarkable these things are. Thankfully, many people do take the time to acknowledge remarkable work.

But it does make you think.

Take time to stop and look at the people you have around you all the time.

Learn to see the remarkable people.

Then figure out a way to notice them more often. Personal recognition and public acknowledgement are things most people crave. It gives meaning to what we do.

Take the time to acknowledge remarkable work and most importantly, the remarkable people.