The human brain is quite remarkable. They are all similar and so different at the same time, so complex and so simple.

I think I mentioned that I play the fiddle in an earlier post. Today I was sitting in my office humming a tune over and over. You know how it is, you hear something catchy and then it sticks in your head. Well in this case it was a tune called "Forgetting the Lesson" that I had heard a couple of times at a session, but not recently.

Thing is, my brain memorized it. I didn't spend any effort learning it (but I will now). Yet my brain stored it and then started playing it back without me consciously thinking about it.

This got me to thinking about how important your marketing message is. I am not talking about your little jingle or some catchy slogan, but the real message and its consistency.

Is there something about it that is compelling and memorable? Relevant to your audience? Will it be triggered by an event?

You are not going to connect with everyone all the time… but will their brains connect your solution with a problem they are having when it really is relevant? Will this happen automatically?

I think marketing is as much understanding the human mind as it is about understanding the media.