Are you a complainer? Nearly everyone is to some degree.

If you complain often then chances are you are creating your own “bad luck”.

I was eating breakfast over the weekend and one of the morning shows had a minister talking about the power of negative thoughts. The more you focus on something not happening (or bad things) the more these consume your thoughts and the more you get what is in your thoughts. The strong emotions tied to your negative thoughts:

  • Attract the outcome that dominates your focus… unfortunately the negative one,
  • Attract other complainers, and
  • Reinforce the subconscious mind which can lead to self-fulfillment of the undesired outcome or at least lack of ability to see opportunities that would change the outcome.

This thinking is not isolated to one minister. “The Secret”, the “Power of Focus”, numerous other mainstream self-help gurus and even “Monty Python (complaint skit)” are in agreement on this one.

Part of his solution… he hands out bracelets. Each time you complain, you take the bracelet and move it to the other hand. This creates a conscious acknowledgment of the act of complaining and registers it in the mind. After 21 (consecutive not cumulative) days of no complaints you can remove the bracelet.

Personally, I am pretty sure I would not be removing the bracelet any time soon… it’s extremely difficult to manage an entire day, never mind 3 weeks, with no complaints. But, the goal itself is a worthy one.

Why? Because the opposite is also true.

Strong emotions tied to positive thoughts (dreams, goals, visions):

  • Attract positive outcomes,
  • Attract positive people and,
  • Reinforce the subconscious mind and allows it to see opportunity.

Fortunately, how you think can be learned… it’s a personal choice whether you use it or not.

And that is the secret.