There is a small vendor in downtown Calgary that normally makes excellent Montreal smoked meat and Reuben sandwiches. In fact, after going there a few times I became a regular customer. The owner is really personable and the walk is a nice break to the day.

Yesterday, I ordered the “regular”, a Reuben. I also mentioned that the last couple of times, the sandwich had not been quite up to par. Without a moment’s hesitation, she refused to let me pay and insisted this sandwich was on the house. A free lunch was not my goal, I just wanted what I used to get and because of the relationship, I took the time to let her know what was happening. But the result impressed me.

The next time a customer complains about your service or product take this business owner’s attitude to customer service to heart. Thank the customer for letting you know and do whatever it takes to rectify the problem.

You see for every customer that complains, uncounted numbers don’t say anything… to you. If you are lucky they just stop coming. If you are not, then they tell their friends, or communicate to the world about it online.

The day you ignore your customers is the day your business has no chance of succeeding.

Doing the right thing is smart.

P.S. If you are in Calgary and want a great Reuben, drop me a note.