Continued from Part 1 – A Chicken and Egg Business

I am a firm believer in reading, studying and learning from others… it saves a lot of time (by not having to repeat the mistakes of others). Many ideas are worth considering even if they are later discarded. To be creative in business (or anything) you need lots of perspective.

But for balance, make sure you also read about the people who were successful before the book… they may not be as stylish or fun to read as the professional authors, but the proof is in the results.

There is no one way or one miracle system to guarantee success… anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. Creating something new means breaking new ground in at least some areas.

Most importantly, think for yourself, do what feels right for you… it’s your life and your dream.

And why choose one or the other? Leader of industry or thought leader? Eat a chicken omelet and you have them both.