As stated in his latest book, “Awakening the Entrepreneur Within” by Michael Gerber, there are two types of dreams (goals):

  • Personal
  • Impersonal

Personal dreams are those that apply (mostly) to you: buying a new car, world travel, losing weight, going to the gym, getting rich, finding yourself, personal development, etc. The thing is… personal goals are fleeting. Once you achieve them they quickly lose their ability to bring you satisfaction and need to be replaced by new goals… over and over.

Impersonal dreams are those that affect everyone but ourselves. There is a sense of creation, changing the world (or a part of it) introducing something new… impacting others, not yourself. In a direct quote from his book, “Entrepreneurship is nothing about the one who creates a thing and everything about the one who consumes a thing”. Impersonal dreams bring longer term satisfaction.

Impersonal dreams that also have the ability to satisfy personal dreams are the most powerful for long term motivation and self-fulfillment.

I can see the reality in this. Most people want to be part of something that is bigger than them. Entrepreneurs can often create an organization that can meet this need in people to belong and have meaning.

Of course the dreams have to resonate with you, your shareholders, your employees and your customers. But guess what, having a clear dream and vision (expression of the dream) makes it that much more likely you will attract the right people to your organization… those who share your impersonal dream… or at least they will know they can satisfy their personal goals while helping you achieve your dream.