I just realized that dogs are among the best sales “people” out there.

I have a border collie that excels at sales. He has everything going for sales success. At a big gathering a few years ago his closing rate must have been over 30%. He ate nearly the whole time without any dishonesty.

He is persistent. He keeps trying until he succeeds or until there is no hope of success.

He knows what he is selling and communicates it to the prospect clearly and without wasting countless hours in meetings.

He’s adaptive. If what he is trying does not work he tries something else.

He loves people. He’ll work hard to get your attention. Once he has made a connection he knows how to keep the relationship going.

If one prospect does not pan out, his feelings are not hurt, he just moves on to the next prospect.

People feel good buying from him. He knows lots of tricks and the promise is met before the payment is received.

He focuses on his best customers for repeat sales.

Yup, lots to learn by watching the pros.