Sometimes you just have to do something for a while to really understand it. Now I get it.

A couple of months ago I decided to try blogging. I figured it would be a good way to embrace the social web slowly and hey, I like writing. I did some research and got advice. I really wanted to avoid the trappings of the company blog that reads more like a news release, you know, to do it right. I accepted that it was going to be work.

Something changed. It no longer feels like work.

I realized I am a creator. This is the group of people on the Internet who create and maintain content (blogs, video, web sites, etc.) rather than just consume it. I have also realized I enjoy writing more than I thought. Even more so, I enjoy writing when people are reading. It’s very hard not to look at your blog statistics regularly and see how many people are visiting.

I also now care more about other creators (bloggers). I find I am more actively reading and commenting on other blogs.

It’s addictive if you fit the creator profile but it’s definitely not for everyone.

My readership is not in the thousands… yet. But I still have lots to say….

In the coming months I plan on sharing my thoughts and opinions on numerous topics around running a business, technology, agile development, marketing, sales, demographics, HR and anything else that comes to mind. I will also start sharing more of what is going on here at Sunwapta Solutions (from my perspective of course).

My goals going forward relatively are simple: make people think, have a little fun, share insights and knowledge, inspire… and most importantly, engage in conversation that will make me think too. See you in the blogosphere.