Have you ever noticed how some very successful people are not necessarily as smart as you are? Or as smart as you thought they would be?

Part of this is perception. If you have a high opinion of yourself you may judge others on a tougher scale. Part of this is because it’s really easy to be critical of others.

Part of this is reality. Many successful entrepreneurs did not graduate at the top of the class. But they have something many do not. They know their limitations, accommodate them and get results. They hire others who can do the things they can’t. They are smart enough.

Many intelligent people get caught up in the intellectual part of what they do: product perfection, having lots of important and long running discussions about approach and strategy, mastering their craft… getting results is secondary. If you can do a better job yourself then it’s also more difficult to learn to delegate effectively.

Remember, successful people know how to get things done.

Chances are you are smart enough. Now imagine being smart and getting results.