I’ve been listening to Celtic and Maritime music for about 15 years and I loved the energy the fiddle brings to the music.

Four years ago I decided to learn to play the fiddle. I signed up for a beginner course offered through continuing education and rented a violin. I’ve played other instruments so I knew (sort of) what I was getting into. My initial commitment was to finish the ten week course and put in enough hours practicing to determine if I would truly enjoy playing it long term.

About half way through the course, I knew I wanted to continue playing the fiddle. The next step was to purchase a decent violin and take some more lessons. The fiddle is not an easy instrument to learn. Becoming decent takes a long term effort and a reasonable dedication to practicing. I’ve made that commitment. I also understand that mastery is a lifetime’s journey, but for me it’s worth it.

The joy of the journey is the reward for the commitment. So far I’ve met many other wonderful musicians, done some performing and keep learning new things about the instrument, about the music and about the people. The biggest joy is when you touch someone with your craft… perhaps reminding someone of a home (Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, or PEI.) left long ago.

Becoming an entrepreneur is like this:

  • You can often test the waters a bit, however…
  • To really succeed you must commit fully
  • You must continually learn and practice to improve your skills as your business grows and changes
  • It’s a long term commitment… very few business ventures create instantaneous success

And most importantly, it’s a journey… enjoy it every day and try to make a difference along the way.