According to an article (Aging Boomers to Shift Driving Trends, Calgary Herald, 30 May 2008) I read in the paper the other day, the demographic shift will be impacting driving.

By 2015 seniors will out number children under 15. By 2030 seniors will account for 25 percent of drivers. This is making the automobile industry take notice and action. Obviously with these kinds of numbers, car manufacturers want older drivers on the road as long as possible.

This means that ergonomics and safety will become even more important in car design. Roads, signs and intersections will also need to improve in design. This actually benefits everyone so no harm there.

Hey but don’t call them senior’s cars. Boomers won’t stand for it and neither will the younger crowd sought after by the marketers.

Better ergonomics and safety sounds like a good thing to me. Now we just need fuel efficient and fun to drive and we are all set.

Time to think about how other things will change too. Change brings opportunity.