Does your organization create and promote a culture where there is respect and appreciation?

It’s very easy to slip into habit of being critical.

When a client is changing software specifications at the eleventh hour it’s very easy to focus on how they should have known better. But just maybe we should be thanking them for making the overall product better.

When reviewing the work of a coworker or subordinate, it’s very easy to focus on the mistakes instead of the things that were done well. Sure, the mistakes need to be fixed in many cases, but the real work is overshadowed by the negative. Remember that in saying “You did a really good job on this, but….” the “but” totally negates the positive feedback.

Hey I am human: I see things from a negative perspective at times. But (ha, slipped it in), I am always striving to improve and that includes seeing the good in things first. Respect, genuine appreciation and recognition drive a healthy organization. And it’s contagious. Positive people attract more positive people. And guess what, positive energy increases productivity, job satisfaction and ultimately… health.

Just like probiotic bacteria cultures (think yogurt) are supposed to improve your digestive system, pro-appreciatic cultures within your organization will improve the health of your business. Remember, it starts at the top and works its way through.