Why is that most people look at the manual (cookbook) only after they get really stuck? This is certainly true for navigating a car. How many people only ask for directions if they are desperate (or their wives make them)?

How many times does something get rebuilt from scratch when the problem has been solved a gazillion times before? Why do some people insist on doing things from scratch for no other reason than they want to do it their way (because it’s “better”)?

I challenge every one of you to learn from the success and failures of others. If you are reinventing the wheel…STOP.

Look at why you are doing it. Make sure that it’s not for any selfish reason. Make sure you are creating the most value for your employer, business or customer in everything you do. Don’t focus on reinventing the wheel, focus on the extras that will really wow your customers.

It’s a competitive and global economy. The organizations paying you deserve the best you have to offer.