There are other lessons in the prior story as well. Making effective use of your precious time applies to not just business owners and managers.

Employees should strive to make a difference every day. You will spend at least one third of your waking adult life at work, you might as well get the most from it. Besides, by focusing on the most important things and not getting distracted by the noise around you, you are actually increasing your value and long term employability.

Another consideration for everyone is to know if a new skill is useful or if it’s wasted. Making taco shells is not a life goal, personal goal or otherwise. I may never use the skill again. However, I had a problem to solve, got caught up in solving the problem and focused on a low value problem until it was solved. How many times has everyone else done the same thing?

Learning new skills is important. It’s what keeps you growing. However, when you are considering your career or your business, you want to make sure that you are spending time learning stuff that is going to either get the job done or further your competence in the future (hopefully both).

Reality check: the biggest rewards usually go to the people who get results.