In my research and contacts with numerous organizations I’ve come across an interesting observation. The people running things and making long-term decisions about how to handle the emerging demographic shift and labour shortages are generally within a few years of retirement themselves.

This only makes sense. After all, the most experienced people in a large organization by definition have been around a while, and they are entitled to retire after many years of service.

If good succession planning is happening, then perhaps it makes sense to turn this issue over to the candidate who is most likely to be filling the position in a couple of years. Organizationally, they have the most to gain by addressing the problem today. Of course full support and coaching by the current manager only leads to better results and a stronger candidate.

Then when the big day comes, the organization is still happily humming along with a secure legacy and the newly retired person is humming a different tune… don’t worry, be golfing (happy).