Entrepreneur: 5 Reasons Why Your Strategy Is ‘ThisClose’ to Failing

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Most entrepreneurs and business owners can pick and set goals. The problem is that without a concrete plan, the likelihood of achieving that strategy is greatly reduced.

"However, the bridge between setting a goal and realizing that goal is the ability to support your vision with a strategic plan. That means devising the plan, focusing on the plan, and executing the plan. And this is where most strategies turn to mush." ~ Doug Wagner on Entrepreneur.com

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You need to get from vision to implementation.

Yet so many…

Read my recent article on Entrepreneur.com "5 Reasons Why Your Strategy Is 'ThisClose' to Failing.

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Doug Wagner is an entrepreneur, President and Co-founder of Sunwapta Solutions. Sunwapta's mission is to help businesses transform from surviving to thriving, sustainable growth. From strategy to implementation, this means marketing, sales, managing your brand and delivering consistent value. Get more clients and keep them.