Age and Money – A Matter of Perspective

A business client and friend of mine is turning 50 on Monday.

For humans 50 years is a long time.

But $50 is not much money.

50 years is the same as 18,262.5 days. $18,262.5 is slightly more than what you would make on minimum wage in Alberta in a year of working full-time.

50 years is the same as 438,300 hours. $438,300 is nice.

There are 26,298,000 minutes and 1,577,880,000 seconds in 50 years.

$1.5 billion is a nice big number and few achieve it.

If you earn 1 dollar every second of your life, you can have $1.5 billion in 50 years.

Treat every second of your life as if it is worth something.

Age and money are a matter of perspective.

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