If the Shoe Fits…

A few weeks back I attended the funeral for my uncle and then went to my aunt's home afterwards. There was quite a crowd from all over.

Later in the day, when I went to leave, my dress shoes were missing.

Luckily, I had another pair of casual shoes in the car, or I would have been driving for two hours in socks.

Well, my relatives (my aunt, mom, and grandmother) tracked down someone who had left their shoes at the gathering. Apparently his eyesight is not too great and he noticed he had the wrong shoes about halfway back on the drive to Winnipeg (from Brooks, Alberta). Don't worry, he wasn't driving.

He agreed to mail them back to me. Everything was arranged.

Well the package arrived today in the mail and I thought the story was done.

They are not my shoes. Wrong brand, wrong size, wrong style and they are quite a bit older.

The shoes don't fit.

But that begs the Cinderella questions, "If the shoe fits, who is wearing them now?" and "Whose shoes do I have now?"

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