Caught a Worm, Gone Phishing?

I was watching the news this evening and lo and behold, Stuart Crawford from BulletproofIT is talking about a worm that is set to wreak havoc worldwide.

Shows you the importance of keeping on top of patches and security best practices.

The three founders of Sunwapta Solutions (Doug, Al and Glen) all came from an enterprise technical support background at a big information technology (IT) consulting firm (that just got bought by HP).

From day one we have tried to run our own IT like we are a big company. We take it seriously. That doesn't guarantee anything, but it does decrease the risk of things like an errant worm taking you out.

If you don't put much thought into your technology and infrastructure in your small or mid-size business, perhaps you should… or hire someone to do it for you.

Lax IT security may cost you more than you are saving over the short-term… it could cost you your business.

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Doug Wagner is an entrepreneur, President and Co-founder of Sunwapta Solutions. Sunwapta's mission is to help businesses transform from surviving to thriving, sustainable growth. From strategy to implementation, this means marketing, sales, managing your brand and delivering consistent value. Get more clients and keep them.