Blogging Update

Now heading over 90 posts across a diverse number of subjects… I am realizing that some categories need further refinement to make it easier for the reader to find articles of interest in the archives.

Business will be split into:

  • Sales and Marketing – Posts focused on sales and marketing related discussions.

  • Business Strategy – Working on your business… posts focused on business planning and strategy, the stuff of entrepreneurs.

  • Business Management – Working in your business… posts focused on the day to day aspects of running a business.

  • Business – General – Prior posts and new posts not fitting one of the above.

  • Employment – Self-explanatory.

I find running and growing a (software development and business solutions) business is a constant learning experience and challenge. Sharing what I find through this process via this interactive medium called blogging is both enjoyable and useful for me.

Yours humbly,


P.S. I will attempt to re-categorize some of the older posts as time permits.

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About the Author:

Doug Wagner is an entrepreneur, President and Co-founder of Sunwapta Solutions. Sunwapta's mission is to help businesses transform from surviving to thriving, sustainable growth. From strategy to implementation, this means marketing, sales, managing your brand and delivering consistent value. Get more clients and keep them.