Workshop (20 May) – Honing The 3 Essential Skills to Dramatically Improve Sales

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Are you 100% happy with your sales?

When times are good almost anyone can sell with some success. However, when times are a little more challenging or downright tough, you can find that the results from those skills you thought were working are… not so much.

Sales SkillsLet’s face it, without sales you don’t have a business.

This the followup to the workshop “3 Essential Skills to Dramatically Improve Sales” where we will dig a little deeper into apply the 3 essential skills. If you haven’t attended part 1, don’t worry.

We will do a short review of part 1 and then look at:

  • Bringing Prospects Into the Story
  • Why sales don’t happen
  • Closing and objections

If you maximize value and serve your ideal clients you create fans. This allows you to reach more people and create more impact. And of course, your impact determines your compensation.

Event Logistics

Format: Live Workshop and Seminar

Location: Manifast Business Training Centre
#710, 816 – 7th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Time: Arrive 11:30am for open networking  – Noon Start (sharp) MDT

Duration: 60 minutes for workshop

Cost: Free Event – Bring Your Own Lunch (Value $99)

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