Speaker Series – Putting Your Clients First Makes Good Dollars

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About The Speaker Series

We are happy to be launching the brand new Manifast Speakers Series on Monday 13 April. The Speaker Series is intended to create a friendly environment for speakers, business experts and entrepreneurs to share their business lessons with like minded entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders. There will also be lots of time for networking before, after and during the event as building alliances and friendships is critical to business success.

Ultimately it is all about helping you to significantly grow your business.

Putting Your Clients First Makes Dollars

Putting Your Clients FirstMost small business owners and certainly most sales teams start seeing people as someone they are going to make do something.

We get into this trap because we are focused on the numbers. We are focused on the problems in our business. We are focused on us.

“We just need to make 3 more sales before the end of the month.”

Guess what? Your future clients are focused on themselves. If you help them solve a pain, fulfill a need or fulfill a want you will eventually win as well. Selling is really about the other person.

So let’s shift the focus back where it belongs… other people.

It doesn’t just make good sense, it makes dollars.

“From the sales workshop I learned that I have to be more proactive in my sales follow-up process. Along with that, the workshop was very thought provoking, as it made me think about different ways I can go about growing my business!”

~ Merri Lemmex, Managing Partner, Lemmex Williams Training


Vince Aliberti and Al Dhalla will be your hosts for the evening.

Into The Client’s Mindset – Doug Wagner

Creative Mindset of ClientsTo truly understand sales you need to understand the mindset of the buyer. Not any buyer, but YOUR ideal clients. You become a guide to help them choose an option that is in their best interest and then take action. That taking action part involves overcoming objections and closing but often not in the way we think of in sales stereotypes. We will cover some powerful strategies for getting clients on board and then converting them to raving fans.

Doug Wagner is the cofounder and president of Sunwapta Solutions and the visionary behind the Manifast Business Success System. They specialize in putting tactics and systems in place to execute on your business strategy; helping clients significantly grow their business

Strategic Networking Is All About Connecting – Allan Marston

Connecting and NetworkingYour sales success will be determined by the quality and depth of your network and how much you serve them. Allan will be talking about:

  • The power of who you know versus what you know.
  • Your network IS your net worth.
  • The strategic networkers and their knack for going way beyond collecting business cards.
  • Are you a connector?

Allan Marston is currently the Business Development Executive at the PCC Group. He comes from a long and varied career as an entrepreneur, corporate executive and seasoned sale and marketing professional. He is in the process of kicking off yet another venture. From what we’ve seen of Allan he is truly a “Connector” worth learning from.

Focus on Niche, Capisce – Mark Adolf

Your Niche - 3 Generations Of FamilyEvery small business needs to understand what its niche is. Whether you sell furniture or run a coffee shop you need identify why a customer will choose your product/service over something else. Part of that is who you are and what your core values are and part of that is your ability to fulfill a market need. Over the past couple years they’ve been able to identify who their customer is and how to maximize their niche in a crowded marketplace.

Mark Adolf and Darren Malin opened an Italian multi-functional furniture store in Calgary called Resource Furniture and have plans to expand and grow in the future.

Mark has also been known to throw some fun into his talks so you don’t want to miss this event.

Event Details

Format: Speaker Series

Location: Manifast Business Training Centre
#710, 816 – 7th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Time: Arrive 6pm for open networking  – 6:30 pm sharp start

Duration: 2 hours (6:30 to 8:30 pm)

Parking: Street parking is free after 6 pm

Cost: Free Event – Light snacks and water provided (Value $79)

Event Full!

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