Past Event: Speaker Series (17 Nov) – Getting Clients Even In Lean Times

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This is a combination in person (Calgary) and online (GoToWebinar) event.

Getting Clients Even In Lean Times

For most entrepreneurs, the most challenging part of business is getting enough clients. Whether you are trying to start a new venture, worried about surviving during a tough market or seeking to grow your business; attracting and retaining clients is critical.

Few people can even agree on what marketing is or the value it plays in your business. Even fewer know how to maximize its effectiveness. Sales are something you just figure out along the way (or don’t). At the end of the day, you need more leads, and you need to convert those leads into customers.

This Speaker Series event brings together three speakers who will help you make sense of it all and provide some clear guidance and strategies on how to attract, convert and retain your perfect clients.

Those companies with incomplete strategies and poor implementations tend to suffer. We see this far too much.

Those companies that provide value to people, and master marketing and sales, tend to succeed consistently. Even in lean times. If you have sufficient revenue and profit, you can weather most of the other business problems that happen along the way.

“Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.” ~Peter F. Drucker

Success requires that you regularly spend time learning, applying and improving your marketing and sales functions.

This event can help. In person or online, sign-up below and grab your spot.


Vince Aliberti and Al Dhalla will be your hosts for the afternoon.

Business Navigation Finding ClientsClients Are Your Business – Doug Wagner

Most business owners become a product or service company. They miss the simple fact that without clients or customers, you can’t provide value to anyone and your innovation is wasted. In Part One – You will learn to identify the core parts of your business and how marketing and sales play into your business success. In Part Two you will learn a few critical skills in moving leads from prospects to clients.

Doug Wagner is the president of Sunwapta Solutions and the visionary behind the Manifast Business Success System. The strategies, tactics, systems and tools to get your business from plan to results. Survive, thrive and grow.

Law of Value and Business SuccessCreating Value – Pete Evans

Pete will talk about how the Law of Value from “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David
Mann, can be applied to your business.  This Law is the foundation for building a successful business, increasing sales and creating a powerful marketing message. Thinking like a Go-Giver is not only a nicer, more fulfilling and more satisfying way to live, it’s also a very financially profitable way as well.

Pete Evans is a Certified Go-Giver Coach and Speaker, trainer, speaker business consultant living in the United Kingdom. He is the Managing Director of Momentum Sales Solutions Ltd. Momentum is a sales transformation, consulting and coaching organisation offering a unique culture-defining philosophy and framework that makes giving value the cornerstone of a refreshingly open and authentic approach to selling, leadership and business growth.

Successful Business Marketing5 Proven Strategies to Attract Clients – Nancy Boisvert

Most businesses put out a number of short-term tactics and  campaigns and hope something sticks. The game changes when you look at marketing strategically. You will learn five strategies on how to market your business better and consistently get more leads. These techniques work even when times are tough. In fact, that is when you need them most.

Nancy Boisvert is a professional strategic marketing and brand development consultant with over 3 decades of experience. During this time, she has helped countless entrepreneurs understand and hone their marketing programs and develop their brands. Nancy is the  President and Marketing Director at Agapi Marketing and Consulting.

Penguins Selling Calgary Zoo EventsPositioning Corporate Events At The Calgary Zoo – Maria Martiniello

The Calgary Zoo is known by most as a family destination. Yet hidden in that wilderness is the opportunity for businesses and organizations to hold events that stand out and create experiences. Maria will share her lessons in positioning and selling the Calgary Zoo as a destination of choice for corporate events in a competitive market.

Maria Martiniello is responsible for the performance and accountability of the Event Sales team in delivering sustained year-round sales growth at the Calgary Zoo. She is an innovative result oriented; customer focused professional with years of experience in a variety of fast paced, Oil & Gas, Legal, Non Profit, Technology and Beverage sectors including television advertising.  Maria is Event Management Certified from Mount Royal University.  Her focus is on event design, marketing / promotion, event scheduling, event coordination, and event delivery.  Maria specializes and prides herself on seeing her clients achieve their objectives – from initial vision to the execution.

About The Speaker Series

The Speaker Series is intended to create an effective and friendly environment for speakers, business experts and entrepreneurs to share their business lessons with like minded entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders. There will also be lots of time for networking before, after and during the event as building alliances and friendships is critical to business success.

Ultimately it is all about helping your business survive, thrive and grow.

Event Details

Format: Speaker Series

Time: Arrive 12:30pm for open networking  – 1:00 pm sharp start

Duration: 3 hours (1:00 to 4:00 pm)

Parking: LRT parking lots are free after 10 am

Cost: In person attendees, the cost is $10 per person in advance ($15 at the door) which includes a light pizza and snacks lunch. No cost for online attendees. Event value is $99.

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