Past Event: Speaker Series (3 Dec) – Building Teams That Win In Any Economy

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This is a combination in person (Calgary) and online (GoToWebinar) event.

Building Teams That Win In Any Economy

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have to deal with a lot of concurrent challenges. When you have a solid team working with you, it alleviates a lot of the pressure on you.

To keep a team at a high level of performance, you must start with a commitment to excellence throughout the organization.

Once you are clear on what the mission, vision, and goals are at any point in time, you can define the organizational impact areas. Impact areas are the parts or functions of the business that are critical to success.

People are the threads that run through every impact area. The cumulative beliefs and values of the people make up the culture of the organization.

In this Speaker Series Event, you will learn some strategies and approaches to create cohesive teams and a competent organization. The speakers will share with you their accumulated knowledge and experience, gained over many years of working in industry, consulting and training others. You could transform your business by implementing a single idea.

When you achieve a culture of excellence, you can win with less pain in both up and down economies.


Vince Aliberti and Al Dhalla will be your hosts for the evening.

High performing teams and excellenceCreating A Culture Of Excellence & Building a Solid Core – Doug Wagner

Part 1 – Creating a Culture of Excellence: Clients expect excellence and consistency in the delivery of products and services. Your people are your competitive advantage in achieving this, but only if you can create a culture that supports what matters most.

Part 2 – Building a Solid Core: Most businesses deal with issues as they come up and rely on a few key executives to get them through challenges. When you create a solid core for your business, you can more readily and quickly adapt to the challenges you face as a business. Identify the core elements of your business and learn to get them tuned.

Doug Wagner is the president of Sunwapta Solutions, an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and the visionary behind the Manifast Business Success System.  This customizable system allows us to partner with our clients to help them define where they want to go, and how to get there in a way that makes sense for them. Our mission is to help businesses survive, thrive and grow.

Competency and Training for SucessTrain For Bottom Line Success – John Hudson

Management is not happy with overall organizational or employee performance. Employees hear mixed messages, are not sure what they are supposed to do, get frustrated and either shut down further or leave. Most employees want to perform their jobs well. In this interactive session, John will show you how to implement a competency program and train employees for success. Once you understand this approach, you can transform the performance of your entire organization.

Prior to purchasing DETAC in 2011, John was Vice President of HSE & Risk Management at Peak Energy Services. In a career spanning over 30 years, John has held operational management positions in Energy and Utilities organizations. His experience includes leading safety, training, information technology and risk management functions, along with engineering, research and construction projects. A registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Alberta, John is passionate about leveraging online and on-the-job learning to achieve safety and operational excellence.

Connecting Team Holding Rope Light Bulb Why, Connections, and Creating Positive Relationships  – Barbara Abramson

Your company may have a clear mission, values and a future vision. Everyone on the team also has their own personal version. When we know WHY others feel the way they do, it breaks down barriers to creating deeper relationships. Through example, Barb will share one or more tools you can use with your team to build stronger connections and unlock the potential of your team.

Barbara works with corporations, schools, senior centers, and community organizations to help people connect more deeply to themselves, to each other, and to the opportunities in their lives. She’s all about increasing happiness and profitability, and decreasing bullying and depression, by helping friendships evolve, partnerships develop, and aha moments occur.

Cohesive Team MeetingThe Five Behaviours of a Cohesive TeamTM – Jade Clarke

Teamwork is the single most untapped competitive advantage.  It all starts with understanding the individual working style of the team members and then learning how to appreciate those differences and apply them to create a cohesive, high performing team.

Jade Clarke is the owner of Quill Training Ltd. She is a firm believer in lifelong learning for both your professional and personal life. She works in partnership with clients to explore opportunities to provide innovative learning solutions for employees. Jade helps organizations break down barriers between head office and the employees in the plant or fields; creating a cohesive team.

About The Speaker Series

The Speaker Series is intended to create an effective and friendly environment for speakers, business experts and entrepreneurs to share their business lessons with like minded entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders. There will also be lots of time for networking before, after and during the event as building alliances and friendships is critical to business success.

Ultimately it is all about helping you to significantly grow your business.

Event Details

Format: Speaker Series

Time: Arrive 6:00 pm for open networking  – 6:30 pm sharp start

Duration: 2.5 hours (6:30 to 9:00 pm)

Parking: LRT parking lots are free after 10 am

Cost: Advance $10 per person ($15 at the door). Pizza, veggies, snacks and water will be provided. Online attendence is free. A single idea can make a big difference in your business.

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