Past Event: Boot Camp (8 Dec) – Secrets of the Marketing Masters

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Getting Results From Your Marketing Strategy

What do the master marketers do that most don’t?

One of the hidden secrets to marketing is that most businesses have access to some pretty powerful tools and strategies but that few can put them together into an effective plan that generates consistent results.

This boot camp will arm you with the tools, strategies and action plan you need to draw your perfect clients to you.

Even better, we throw in a one-on-one Kick-Start Coaching Session and a 3-month Getting Clients Group Mastermind to ensure that the plan gets implemented after the workshop.

Most business owners can set goals and even throw a few marketing tactics on the wall.

The real winners are the ones who can plan strategically and execute for results.

Get your client attraction engine revved up for 2016!

What You Get

We are restricting this workshop to 10 organizations to ensure everyone has time to work on their business. The value includes:

  • Boot Camp (Value of $800)
    • DIY – Self Paced Preparation Workbook
    • 15 Minute Pre-Boot Camp Phone Consultation
    • New: Post Boot Camp Exercises
    • 1 Day Marketing Boot Camp
  • Kick-start Coaching – 1 hour of One-on-One Coaching for YOUR specific situation (value of $250)
  • Bonus: Getting Clients Mastermind – 3 Months (value of $597)
  • Total Value: over $1,600
  • Super Early-bird registration $595 plus GST.
  • Regular Pricing will be $795 plus GST

What People are Saying

Testimonial from Lorne McLashTestimonial from Richard Sherry


  • Module 1 – Master the Basics, What Works Today
  • Module 2 – A Deeper Understanding – Perfect Clients and Avatars
  • Module 3 – Building a Compelling Story to Create Connection
  • Module 4 – Education Based Marketing
  • Module 5 – Event Based Marketing
  • Module 6 – Building Blocks and Creating Your Marketing Platform
  • Module 7 – Your Marketing Plan – Bringing Clients To You

Kick-Start Marketing Growth Coaching Session

To make sure you get maximum value out of the workshop we give each participant a 1 hour coaching session where we drive home the lessons from the workshop and ensure you are able to implement some of the key improvements for your organization.

This coaching normally runs $250 per hour by itself.

Getting Clients Mastermind

Meeting together with other business owners in a confidential environment fosters accountability, problem-solving and networking. This mastermind will be comprised workshop participants.

This 3 month mastermind is normally $597.

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