Workshop – Driving Revenue Requires Super Sales Teams (16 April)

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1 Day – Sales Pipeline Optimization

Arrows in Bullseye Targetted and Optimized Sales GrowthYou can’t grow your business significantly until you master sales in a way that works for you, your business, and most importantly your future customers.

The trick is creating a bridge from need to value. Once you master lead conversion, you can afford to spend more on generating leads… but you might not need to.

Many entrepreneurs just get out there and sell without spending much time figuring out what works or doesn’t.  Even worse, they expect their sales teams to either get it or move on.

The myth is that entrepreneurs are natural salespeople because they know the vision and product. So they don’t get help.

Getting Help: Who This Is For

This workshop is for entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales leaders who don’t have an extensive sales background and want to:

  • Significantly increases sales,
  • Drive revenue growth,
  • Create a high performing sales team,
  • Optimize their sales funnel
  • Automate as much as they can
  • Increase client loyalty

What We Will Cover

In a combination of lessons, workshops, group masterminds and coaching you will be working on YOUR business. Some of the topics are:

  • 3 essential skills to dramatically improve sales
  • Define and understand your product and service ladder
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Steps of the Sale
  • Mapping Out Your Marketing Source and Sales Funnel
  • Measuring and Tracking Success
  • Sales Funnel Optimization

A very small increase in your sales conversion ratio can significantly impact your immediate revenue and pay for the course quickly. Optimizing sales is the key to growing faster.

Sales Strategy

Plus we will also look at these strategies as they apply to you:

  • Sales Team Mindset
  • Buyer Mindset
  • Bridging to value
  • Preempting Objections
  • Closing Starts Early
  • Follow-up that works.

What You Get

We are restricting this workshop to 8-10 organizations to ensure everyone has time to work on their business. The value includes:

  • DIY – Self Paced Preparation Workbook
  • 15 Minute Pre-Workshop Phone Consultation
  • 1 Day Workshop
  • 1 Hour of One-on-One Coaching for YOUR specific situation (post workshop)
  • Normal Price: $499 to $699
  • PilotPrice: $197 plus GST 

* This is a pilot workshop. This means we are creating a brand new version of leading edge training to help our clients grow and we intend on over-delivering on the value. The only downside is that there may be a few minor hiccups with going first. If there are we fix them. The upside, you get this training before anyone else at half the future price. 

Event Details

This isn’t for everyone. You have to really want to grow your revenues through sales and be willing to do some work.

Format: Live Workshop With Mastermind and Coaching

Location: Manifast Business Training Centre
#710, 816 – 7th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Time: 9:30 am – 5 pm Start (sharp) MDT

Cost: $197 plus GST

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