Spring is for Growth

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. For some it is also the first day of a new calendar year.

Here in Canada, where the winter is long, spring is a time of renewal and the beginning of a period of growth.

There is a tradition of New Year’s resolutions as we move into the beginning of January. However, with the longer days and renewed energy of spring, perhaps more people should be seeing this time of the year as one of personal commitment and growth.

This year in particular has been a colder than normal winter, both in terms of weather and in terms of the economy.

Here at Sunwapta Solutions (and personally), I saw the winter as a time of reflection and planning… building stronger relationships…surviving the wrath of winter… preparing for what comes next.

But spring is a time of action and hope.

Time to get out the running shoes and start sprinting… time to find the opportunities and start growing again… maybe not today (the nights are still cold), but very soon.

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About the Author:

Doug Wagner is an entrepreneur, President and Co-founder of Sunwapta Solutions. Sunwapta's mission is to help businesses transform from surviving to thriving, sustainable growth. From strategy to implementation, this means marketing, sales, managing your brand and delivering consistent value. Get more clients and keep them.